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This  month, I created a Patreon to help fund my multiple projects.  Lavender Legend is sort of the "flagship" of the bunch, but comics like Rose Slayer and Emerald Winter are also included, as well as any of my short stories that may end up folded in.

Patreon is a service similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, except instead of ending after reaching a certain one goal, a Patreon funds an ongoing project like a video series or in my case, webcomics.  You can pay as little as $1 per month and get access to some cumulative group rewards, like a new illustration and wallpaper added each month. 

When you become a patron, you get access to this stuff ^^^

Goals for Patreon

Last year I tried the Kickstarter approach, and even though the project was successful, I ended up in some debt because of unexpected expenses that put the project way over budget.  The first matter of business with my Patreon earnings is to get all of that stuff shipped out ASAP, so that I can move on to other (better planned) projects.

$200 - This amount per month would let me take some of the burden off myself in the cost of running the site, and maybe afford a little bit of advertising to keep the readership numbers from stagnating.  This benefits you in the long run, since it brings in more people that will help collectively to reach more goals.

$400 - Since this website operates on a monthly basis, the rewards are also month-to-month.  The next goal would be to offer a wider variety of goals and group rewards.  I want to start doing monthly small items like bookmarks, stickers, charms, jewelry, and have a little to save up for larger projects like re-printing books, and stuff.  It is folded together, so $200 is still going towards the site, and $200 is going towards getting more stuff.

$1000 - This is the point at which I'd be able to pull back on some of my professional projects (which I have to do right now to pay my bills and eat) and work more on webcomics.  Note that the previous $400 is also folded in here, so the amount actually going towards my personal needs is $600.  I'd be able to update Lavender Legend at least twice per week, and undoubtedly other comics like Rose Slayer and Emerald Winter would get more attention, as well. 

Other Stuff

  • Getting the Kicksterter done, I mentioned that already.
  • Reprinting Lavender Legend, so that I can make the special packages available again.
  • Reprinting Rose Slayer and Rose Slayer:VY.  Since they are 18+ they can't run on print-to-order services like Ka-Blam or CreateSpace, I have to order them from a willing and able bulk printer.
  • Dedicated Hosting--my site occasionally goes down due to an influx of traffic, and I'd like to prevent that from happening again.
  • I'd really love to find a colorist to work with, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with it unless their quality was par to mine, and I could also pay them adequately what I'd expect to be paid.

So that's the deal with my Patreon.  Thanks for checking it out, and even if you're not able to join then just keep enjoying my free webcomics and that'll help out,too.
Black0Eternity Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I currently haven't done much, but I am officially a patron. Well, I have been for a few days, but still.
Muramasa777 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to help in coloring, but my level is still too low... :(

Good luck with your projects! :)
Vallie Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
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Submitted on
March 28, 2014